ten days left

Only ten days until the election—and despite the polls, I’m still nervous. And I still don’t understand how anyone who is not a millionaire, or a multi-millionaire with his or her mortgage paid off and a big, fat, safe retirement portfolio and lots of money saved for their kids’ college tuition, could even consider voting for a Republican.

The puppies are growing fast. Ruby is now a little over five months old, and Bingo is a little over three months old. After Bingo gets another vaccination on Friday, we’ll be able to take them places where other dogs run around. They get spayed later next month—we’ll also chip them at this time. Not housebroken yet, but they’re getting better and better. I am besotted with them.

bingo and ruby in oscoda, mi, late august 2008
Here they are back in late August in the backyard in Oscoda. (click to enlarge)

office guardians, september 13, 2008
Ruby and Bingo are busy doing their job: guarding our office, and me. They’re on the new nest we got to replace Ginger’s nest, which they managed to demolish beyond my ability (or patience) to repair. (click to enlarge)

Bingo and Ruby in the backyard in Norwalk on October 19, 2008
Stanley took this on October 19—they weren’t cooperating. They love it outside and it’s hard to drag them in after their walks. (click to enlarge)

kitty cats wary of the puppies
Here Slink and Twitch are watching the show in the kitchen. Both of the kitties like to play with Bingo, but Ruby makes them nervous because she’s a lot bigger and she barks at them. (click to enlarge)

Stanley thinks Bingo is part beagle. I don’t know what she is—she has enormous ears and a long, long tail so who knows? She very definitely has shepherd in her—she’s very bossy and insistent about moving us, and Ruby, where she wants us all to go.

It looks like Ruby has some lab mixed in with the doberman, and her coat is thicker than it used to be but we don’t know if that’s because there IS lab or if it’s just a winter coat coming in. Some day, purely out of curiosity, we’ll get the genetic testing done. Maybe.

Have been working like crazy on Surviving Bullies—including installing a store so people could buy the Surviving Bullies VideoBook, which is a PDF that includes videos and interactive forms—very cool. There’s some more stuff I have to add, including a donation button for the charity. I’ve also been working on several other stores and a big research project that I’m helping Stanley with and a big remodel for another site and a few other things (just finished a store that sells basic English courses for Spanish speakers). I’m so behind. What makes it hard is I like each of the projects I’ve got on my plate—don’t know which to start on first each morning, usually. Glad to be so busy!

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