they broke firefox

I faithfully updated my copy of Firefox when the browser notified me that there was a security update. What a mistake! The hyperlinking (clicking on links, bookmarks) is so screwed up it’s unbelievable. So far, the screwed up hyperlinking has cost me $5 when I had to click submit twice to pay for getting Firefox technical support.

The problem is this: when clicking on a link or a bookmark or typing an URL into the address bar, 95% of the time the link or address won’t work on the first try. If you click again, or reload again, it will work. The extra maddening feature is that this is not a problem 100% of the time.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD VERSION 1.0.1 of FIREFOX. Danger Will Robinson ... just wait until they fix the problem or until they publish a fix for the fix that doesn’t require dancing through hoops such as getting a fixed DNS which doesn’t work anyway ... (Yeah, I’m REALLY aggravated about this. Mozilla did a Microsoft.)

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