trivia - did you know “trivia” is the plural of “trivium?”

Poking around in cyberland, I stumbled across sites that amaze me not so much for their content, but for the devotion to the subject matter that's evident.

On Cinemorgue, the owner, DeMan (?) writes:

"On several movie-related sites (and among my circle of friends), I've noticed one question that pops up surprisingly often: "Has so-and-so done a death scene in any of her movies?" This site will attempt to answer that question for most of the "so-and-so's" that question's been asked about."

Must be a limited circle.

Catriona MacColl died in not one, but TWO movies. And Francesca Vettori was stabbed repeatedly in the mouth with an English Horn in Sleepless.

I wonder why it's only female actors?

And then there's Implosion World. Shows pictures of buildings that "blowed in real good." Lots of lots of them.

rocks.jpgWhere would we be without a site dedicated to traffic signs of the world?

The site owner has a detailed explanation of the benefits of traffic sign collecting (it reduces stress, for one thing) plus a list of suggestions for the novice traffic sign collector.

This traffic sign is from Ireland.

Enough for now ... time to watch the news.
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