cat vs. fish—a cliche for a reason

Stanley took these as he was encouraging the cat to fully investigate my new fish. A beautiful bluey, tealy, aqua betta, aka a Siamese fighting fish.

First, Twitch tried to figure out what this shiny, moving thing could possibly be.


He stuck his paw in a few times -- he has this habit of hooking one claw on the edge of something and tipping it over. Usually to flip something down to the dog. He hasn't been able to tip the fishbowl over. Yet.


Twitch couldn't decide whether he wanted to get the fish or drink the water in the fishbowl.


The worst thing is, Stanley is rooting for his cat. Twitch is the weirdest cat I've ever known. He likes to play in the water, and he often drinks by dipping his paw into whatever liquid interests him and then licks the liquid off his paw. He spears his food with a claw, using it like a fork. Very strange cat.
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