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Spy Kids: Game Over sucks. I mean it REALLY sucks. It's not even bad enough to be interesting. Mercifully, it was short. The 3-D stuff is horrible -- makes it an ugly, nasty little movie. The only part of this movie I liked were the outtakes during the ending credits. I don't even think the kids in the audience liked it since there was none of the twittering and giggling that accompanied the two earlier movies. Avoid it.

Open Range was about 30 minutes longer than it should have been (it lasts 2 hours 15 minutes), but was a pretty decent movie with a kickass gunfight at the OK Stable. It managed to suck in every cliche ever to arise from the genre -- including Sweet Sue, the doctor's sister. But the scenery was gorgeous, the villains villainous, the heroes were heroic. There are no surprises in this movie. And it doesn't hold a candle to to Unforgiven. It's too bad Michael Jeeter died--he always plays such interesting characters. And it was nice to finally see Annette Benning in a role where she actually acted. So, I found Open Range corny, contrived, cliched, but put together well enough so that it didn't drag on too long. My main problem with it is that there were three endings, sorta like the dreadful AI. The first one would have sufficed.

Speaking of Michael Jeeter, we also watched Welcome to Collinswood (I think that's how it was spelled). It is a very funny, quirky movie: Band of Losers pulling off a heist. Bill Macy was really good in this movie. As was George Clooney. We'd never heard of, or noticed this movie, until we spotted it in the video store. It definitely worth watching--it has us laughing out loud and it ended just the way it should have.
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