a foot of snow to celebrate

Four years ago, when I moved in with Stanley, we moved in a blizzard. So it seems particularly fitting that a blizzard would herald us on our wedding day.

Fortunately, it wasn’t as bad as the predictions. No power went out; the tides didn’t flood the coast. There’s traffic out. And the snow is pretty fluffy so, when the wind dies down a little, it won’t be a brutal shoveling job.

Our ceremony was scheduled for 3:30, but we’ll probably push the time back so there’s a better chance that my sister, brother-in-law, niece, and nephew will be able to get here from Boston, which was also smacked around by the weather. And it will give us a little more time to deal with the driveway and then go get Helene. Us ... I mean me, since there is no way Stanley is going to shovel any more this winter unless there is some freak snowstorm after his aortic valve is replaced and he’s fully recovered.

I am even more profoundly happy about taking this step than I ever expected to be. I am also surprised at how excited our family and friends are that we’re finally taking this step. The main reaction has been, “well, hell, it’s about time.”

UPDATE: Our ceremony is at 6:00. My brother-in-law said they got about 20 inches in Natick, and will start digging out and will let us know if they can make it. Gotta call Helene ...

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