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I remember going through You Grow Girl: Gardening for the People some time ago -- or at least I think I did (maybe a site with a similar name or purpose?) I was glancing through The Morning News's Editors' Awards for Online Excellence, which I got to through, oh hell, the trail would be almost stream-of-consciousness beginning with a Design by Fire entry I started reading ... oh yeah, a debate about liquid- vs. fixed-width page design. I'd gone through most of the comments when I realized it's a stupid debate (my take is you use what the site needs -- and sites rarely need to be liquid).


My big-leaf philodendron is not doing well at all. Not at all. So I've been googling around looking for a diagnosis. I thought maybe this sight might have some tips (if it does, I sure can't find any -- it's quite extensive and not very well organized). But I read a couple of "The Adequate Gardener" columns and laughed and decided to post this site so I don't forget about it again.

I'm glad it's supposed to rain tomorrow -- I am tired of the fireworks. The dog is exhausted; it takes a lot of energy to quiver for hours.

I wonder who got the bright idea to legalize fireworks in Connecticut again? Is there a sparkler lobby? Or maybe the legislature thinks the state is over-populated and legalizing fireworks is one way to thin the herd, or at least maim the herd so it can't reproduce as prolifically. I'm not talking about the fireworks displays various cities and organizations produce. I'm talking about fireworks you can buy down at the abandoned CVS so you can bring stuff home to blow up in your own back yard.

Maybe the same people buy them that don't mind sitting in traffic for two hours for the chance to park in a spot that cost $30 per car, sitting on the beach for an hour listening to lousy band music, watching a 20-minute display where the only cool part is the final three-minute "let's get rid of this crap and go home" extravaganza, then sitting for another two hours in traffic ... you get my drift. I wonder how this rather bizarre tradition started -- fireworks for Independence Day, I mean.

We watched two movies this weekend: Secondhand Lions and Panic. (I mean, besides Spider-Man 2, which was great.) Secondhand Lions was hokey as hell but very good, very funny. The cinematography was wonderful. Panic, the one starring William H. Macy and about his character going through a mid-life crisis (I'm over-simplifying, but not by much), was kind of strange. Very slow in parts and, in the end, not very meaty. There wasn't enough about anyone to make me care about the outcome. Or maybe I was just not in the mood for watching yet another middle-aged white man with a good life sitting on his pity pot. I mean, just because he couldn't tell daddy he was really, really quitting the hit man business ... The more interesting story in this whole thing was Macy's mother, who set up his father in this family business. What is that all about?

One more day of weekend. And hopefully I'll have time to come up with comp two for a project we're working on -- it's running around in my head (and I'm fairly pleased with comp one, so maybe it's a good sign) and just waiting to be put down on photoshop.
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