pre-vacation bats and getting battier

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Stanley sent me this link: WILDLIFE IN CONNECTICUT: BATS because he knows I want a bat house in the yard. I asked him if he would help me build it—and can we go to Home Despot and get the stuff for it.

He’s laughing at me. Like he thinks he’ll end up doing it all. I pointed out that I’ve never asked him to do any project with me (even though I offered to help him paint the kitchen—like that’s ever gonna happen ... ), but he’s still skeptical. I’ve never used a circular saw or anything like that, but it doesn’t look like rocket science to me (I know, famous last words. Maybe Stanley can do the sawing part). A bat house, yes, I even know where I want it placed. I could buy a kit, but I really want to make one.

Tomorrow I’m going to seed the part of the lawn that was buried under debris—Stanley got it all shredded last week. And he got me a great sprinkler last weekend. So our Lawn Reclaimation Project continues. It’s not doing too badly—I think I need to aerate some more. Too bad they don’t make Teva Mush flip flops with spikes—woulda been done aerating by now,  with walking all over the back yard with the mutt.

I have a bunch of irises to get in. And some more weeding to do in our rose/ peony/ tomato/ sunflower garden. I want to get a lot done in the three weeks before we head to Michigan. We’re counting the days!

We already booked our mid-trip hotel room—trying the Comfort Inn this year since Holiday Inn suddenly got really pricey (plus the only one that takes dogs, the Metrocenter Youngstown HI) is a shithole that I wouldn’t stay at again unless it was free and the only place within 60 miles to lay my head for a night.

Don’t know yet if nephew Ben will be going with us—depends on how much he likes football. While we’ll miss him if he doesn’t come with us, I hope he does take to football. He starts the mandatory month-of-August practice regimen on Monday, I think.

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