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This morning, Diana from Dr. Gagne’s office called with the news that Oxford approved Stanley’s operation. What a relief! I was dreading the prospect of another appeal and Stanley’s despair at ever getting his leg fixed. So we’re to call Monday morning early to find out when he’s supposed to check in, and on Monday they’ll do an EKG and blood tests to prep for the operation on Tuesday. I think he’ll also get prophylactic antibiotics as well, though Dr. Saul extended his antibiotics regimen for another week so I doubt there’s an organism, good or bad, that could survive in Stanley’s body. I hope.

The operation is scheduled for 1 p.m. Tuesday. I don’t know if Stanley will have to stay overnight on Tuesday.

Stanley was really looking forward to getting his PICC line yanked out this week and was upset that the antibiotics were extended. I told him to suck it up—better another week than another month+ going down with a staph infection. It’s not that I’m unsympathetic. I just have a better memory of what happened two years ago than he does. And I’m just too exhausted to face another catastrophe.

Stanley also canceled his appointment with Dr. Lomnitz on Tuesday and said he’d call back about making another appointment. The scheduler warned him that Dr. Lomnitz will be booked up solid so unless he makes an appointment soon, Stanley will be out of luck. Hmm. I think I’ll keep my thoughts to myself about that one.

I’m glad the operation is a Norwalk—it’s much easier to run home and take care of Ginger and the kitties. Less than two miles (vs. 16.5); less than ten minutes unless I manage to try it during rush hour. Parking rates are much saner than at Bridgeport Hospital, too. And the nurses are allowed to tell us what’s going on.

The only thing I’m wondering about now is if Stanley has to get general anesthesia or local. I hope local—I’ll find out Monday or Tuesday morning.

Einstein is now a year old. A year and a week or so. She is a gorgeous cat who looks like she’s very self-assured and knows who’s in charge (and it isn’t my mom or dad!) Here’s her latest portrait, taken by Dad (click to enlarge):

Einstein Cat Fleming at 12.5 months, taken July 5, 2007 by James Fleming

The comment included with the photo is: “This is as close to outdoors as she gets. Unless she scoots between my legs and makes a break for freedom, which she tries on a daily basis.” It’s going to be very interesting to see what happens when we get there in late August: three cats, one dog. Ginger loved Einstein when she was a tiny kitten last summer so I’ll be curious to find out if she still does. Ginger barks at Slink, and always has—I think she’s jealous (I’m her human!) and she has caught Slink stealing her food. The latter reason is probably the more important one. As far as Twitch goes, Ginger and Twitch are utterly indifferent to each other most of the time, though Twitch is really in charge. Twitch can sleep all day in Ginger’s bed in our office, and the silly dog doesn’t care. But if Slink tries to curl up in the bed, Ginger chases him out. And Twitch will curl up with Ginger if the house is really cold, like it gets on very windy winter days. Right now, I’m still shocked that it’s already July. It was May, and I was figuring out where to plant my seeds and planning on roto-tilling the garden Saturday (as in May 26) then in the blink of an eye it’s July. The two tomato plants I got in before the trip to the ER seem to be thriving, with a tomato on each and lots of blossoms (they’re container plants). But the ones I put in when I could around June 7 are healthy, but very short. Very few seeds were sown—just a couple of pots I put together. I did get some cleomes in and some of them are blooming and just gorgeous. I wonder, if I plant some seeds this weekend, such as cosmos and zinnia, will they grow and bloom? I guess it can’t hurt to try a few and see what happens. So much I didn’t get done. But some things are starting to look up. Not everything. I will feel better when Stanley is able to walk without pain again. But right now, I have about a quarter inch of cope left. I have a yoga dvd and I think I’d better start using it to learn some yoga so I can be sane when I’m needed for other problems that have to be dealt with. Wouldn’t hurt to be limber, too ...

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