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Furl. Let's see, how can I describe what this is. It's kind of a favorites list that you can share if you want to. Sort of like a bookmark manager, but much much more.

I installed the FURL toolbar (it's pretty painless) to give it a whirl. So far, I think it's pretty cool since it's easy to categorize what I save and, once I need to find something, I can look at the lists by category or search them for something specific.

What I like about it is that I'm not locked into my computers -- as long as I know my FURL url, I can get to my lists. Also, FURL can keep copies of the pages if you want top so even if the original site drops into the void, you still have the information.

I also like to see what other people are adding to their lists -- I've found a couple of cool sites that way.

Furl was started in the spring of 2003 by Mike Giles. Other than he lives in Massachusetts, there's not much information on his site about what else he does.

So check it out.
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