isn’t it funny how statistics that don’t dovetail with asscroft’s plan don’t get widely reported?

The Sons and Daughters of Liberty

'A further indication that many Americans are ahead of their representatives in Washington in wanting to be safe from Ashcroft is an April 24 Associated Press report: "Despite the fear of future terrorist attacks, a majority of Americans are unwilling to give up civil liberties in exchange for national security, according to a Michigan State University study. Nearly 55 percent of 1488 people surveyed nationwide said they don't want to give up constitutional rights in the government's fight against terrorism. . . .

'The telephone survey, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, was conducted from November 14 through January 15 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.7 percentage points." Sixty-six percent "opposed government monitoring of telephone and e-mail conversations.'

Be a true Patriot: go here to sign a petition to repeal the Patriot Act because:

  • It negates the powers of the judiciary and legislative branches of government.

  • It allows random arrests and detention without hearings or trials for anyone or any group designated by the President.

  • It allows retroactive prosecution.

  • It allows the concealment of Presidential records.

  • It permits secret "Military Tribunals" for presidentially-designated "terrorists."

  • It legalizes "sneak-n-peek" searches and seizures.

  • It allows the unlawful infiltration and surveillance of legal, domestic religious, labor and political organizations.

  • It allows the wholesale surveillance of private citizens, private business records and other materials without proof of probable cause.

  • It destroys all e-mail and internet privacy.

Think about it. Do you really trust Ashcroft to safeguard your liberties? A man whose own constituents thought so poorly of him they voted to send a dead man to Washington instead of re-electing him?
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