leaf peeping in the hills

A mostly sunny day bookended by wild rainy days, peak color in the Litchfield Hills (according to meteorologist Geoff Fox at WTNH), a yen to go on a jaunt: we went to Kent, CT with Helene. It had been too long since we headed up the Housatonic River to soak in Not Fairfield County. Chilly, but a beautiful day.

We were going to grab brunch at a restaurant we like somewhere along Rt. 7 (no, I won't say what or where it is; it's crowded enough), but the wait was way too long today and we wanted to get north. We decided to hit a diner along the way. We passed the diner in New Milford before we knew it. Stanley said we'd probably find the Gaylordsville Diner in Gaylordsville and, sure enough, we did (I still think Stanley saw a sign for it). Good food, good waitress, good prices.

Afterwards, we continued on to Kent, where we decided to go to Kent Falls so Ginger could walk a bit. It was crowded! It was beautiful. So we paid our $7 for parking and took Ginger for her walk. She was delirious.


It was beautiful there, but cold!


I don't know if it was peak, but the colors vibrated.


Helene huddled into her coat--I can't believe how cold it got.



The predictions were that the color was going to be intense this season because of all the rain we had over the summer. I'm looking forward to seeing the color around our house -- it should peak here in a week or so. It is at least two weeks later than it was last year.


We poked around Kent afterward, looking for Stosh's Ice Cream, which I think is the best ice cream on the planet. Unfortunately, they went out of business at the end of the summer. I was pretty surprised since the place was always insanely busy. Too bad. We also stopped in at a new used book store, Richard J. Livesey, which is really a good store. I could've spent another hour there, easily. Wandered in and out of a lot of the other stores. Got a couple of books, some cobalt glassware, a praying mantis, and a grasshopper. It was fun just to wander, look at all the stuff, and look mostly at the trees. Kent is definitely New England.

It was a satisfying day, getting away and soaking in the colors, breathing fresh air, great conversation.

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