MIB 2 - thumbs down

frank.jpgWe went to see Men in Black II on Wednesday evening. Seemed like a good thing to do as it was 90+ degrees at 9:00 pm. And we both wanted to see it.

Well, the best thing about the movie was Frank, the talking dog. It was an okay movie, but more of a "made for tv" okay than an "$8.75-per-ticket" okay. It made us smile.

The theater was nice and cold (Hoyts Wilton 4), but the popcorn machine was broken, thus throwing off all our plans for dinner. (Next time, Stanley said, we'll call ahead to make sure the damn machine is working.)

The best premise in the entire movie was that the post office is staffed by aliens - the writers could've had a field day with that alone. But it was barely touched. Lara Flynn Boyle was funny as the evil alien (what the hell did she do to her lips? Looks like someone went a little crazy with the collagen there - not very attractive. She's gorgeous without the fat lips, dopey-looking with the fat lips.)

In shorts, enough yucks, but nothing special. Either save your dinero and wait for the video or DVD, or go see it as a discount matinee.
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