my lucky day

Lately, I've been exceptionally lucky: I keep winning these sweepstakes. Today's winnings are for "$1.5m 000,000 dorlars (sic)." Apparently, I won Tropical Sweepstakes, but due to some mixup, I have to write to some guy to claim my prize. Last week I won some Dutch sweepstakes, and the week before that, some other version. Couple these winnings with the millions I'll make by helping those guys in Nigeria, Liberia, and Lagos get their money out of their respective countries, I should be a gazillionaire by now.

I hate spam. I can't keep up with the spam filters. I use MailWasher, and I like it, but honestly it can be a real pain in the ass to use. MailWasher is good because it bounces the spam back to the sender--not that it really does much good since so many of the bounce addresses are crap. But it's also a pain to have to scan the subjects or senders before processing. First I get my email delivered via MailWasher, which I scan and process, then I have to get it with Outlook Express. Every once in a while I try to capture the IP addresses of the spammers and add them to the spam filter on our webserver, but that is a pretty time-consuming process.

I guess I could use my winnings to buy one of those server-level spam filtering "solutions!"

has been pretty strange lately. Sunday, it actually snowed here in Connecticut. Not in Norwalk, but in, I think, New Hartford or someplace else I've never heard of. Yesterday, it got up to 72 degrees, according to my WeatherBug and 69 degrees according to Weather Underground. Today it's only supposed to get up to 50, and tonight it might snow again. Even on the shoreline, which is where we live. Oh, and last night we had a wild thunderstorm--which started just as I was leaving the house, naturally. Pretty spectacular lightening--almost like movie lightening. Our poor dog was petrified, of course.

Last night, I read the article about Mommy Bush in the current issue of Newsweek. Then I started to read the excerpt from her journal. I'd read a quote attributed to her earlier, something to the effect that the current bunch of Democrats running for president are a sorry lot. Then I wondered why I was reading anything about her or by her, other than the fact that I was reading because I was too tired to sleep. I mean, really, who the hell is this woman and why is she getting so much press? Even she says she's accomplished nothing other than to marry well and "birth well" (as she puts it). So I stopped reading about her because I realized I just don't care what she has to say about anything.

Moved on the the articles about Design. Or rather, design lite. Too many mentions of "taste makers" without examples of their work (and who rated them, anyway?) Some in-depth stuff, such as how Target uses designers to push its brand. An interesting bit on house design (McMansions vs. houses that are actually designed to be lived in)--but it, too, was light on substance. I dunno, Newsweek seems to be getting awfully fluffy: a huge spread on Friends a week or so ago, now this bit on design. It's turning in to a true waiting room publication, as bad as People. It's supposed to be a NEWS magazine, for cryin' out loud--it's pretty bad when I spend the time it takes to read it and then still don't know what's going on.

Okay, enough for now ...
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