ned lamont - the commercials

Love these commercials—particularly “The Underdog.” Take a look:

A guy named Tim Tagaris is the ‘fficial Lamont for Senate blogger:
Note to Tim: if you’re going to link Flickr photos, don’t make the Flickr page private. Update: he fixed it!

And CT National Organization for Women is backing Lamont—wise choice!

Clinton announced she is endorsing Liebermouth. Of course she is: she’s another hawk. I think Stanley is beginning to see why I dislike her—she’s well on her way to becoming a full-fledged DINO herself. And here’s a puzzler: the Human Rights Campaign supports Joe—which is kind of stupid since Joe opposes marriage for same-sex couples. But maybe the HRC does too ... hmm, nope, they don’t. So why are they supporting Joe? Why are they taking sides at all in our Democratic primary? Must be a money thing.

I’ve got to stop getting so mad when is see stupid things like the two stupid things mentioned in the paragraph above. Makes my psoriasis flare.

So I’ll go watch the commercials again instead. Go Ned!

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