network stupidity

Tonight, ER starts at 9:55. Why? It usually starts at 9:59 for some stupid reason unfathomable to me. Does NBC think we’re going to miss the ending of CSI to switch to ER? If people have to choose between CSI and ER, does NBC think ER will win? ER jumped the shark years ago.

It’s pea-soup foggy tonight. Quick trip to take a friend grocery shopping: what a nightmare. Not because of the fog, but because of the idiots who think using their brights makes it easier to see, then consequently veering all over the road because they can’t see. Then there are the superidiots who use fog lights AND brights in their supersize SUVs, blinding themselves and anyone unfortunate enough to encounter them. But other than having to drive in it, I love foggy days and nights. But 24 hours of it is about enough.

Wickedly Perfect is on. It is the stupidest show—but I love it. Total escape, watching the pretentious jerks try to outdo eachother is funny. God forbid they demonstrate any real teamwork. Looks like a case study in what not to do to pull together and win a competition. It will be interesting to see how long Mychel, the cook, lasts—much too controlling and arrogant, jeez!

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