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This is bad—I’ve managed to get so far behind I haven’t had a chance to answer all of my email in days and days even though I’ve composed the replies in my brain. I thought I’d have some downtime, but things just seemed to spring up all at once. A mixture of good things and bad things. A lot of work, projects I’m intensely interested in (one of which I should have completed by Sunday. Maybe.) None of them are boring, alas—each requiring some problem solving so it’s hard to know what to start with each day because I love problem solving. I need to get more organized. (I’m not organized right now—listening to Craig Ferguson as I write this. His monologues are usually very funny, sort of a stream of consciousness that’s both intelligent and bizarre.)

I planned on having our books (as in accounting) up to date by now. I loathe bookkeeping but, until this year, was fairly proficient at keeping it up to date. This year, that habit was shot to hell. We’re merging our businesses, which will be a little schizo in a way, but not really. But I can’t merge the books until I get them up to date. Why don’t we get a bookkeeper, you may wonder? Because it would take me as long to get everything together to hand over as it would to just get everything up to date.

So today, I’m just zooming through a project, things are falling into place with it like they do when I decide to solve things rather than bandaid things, and my mom called. Mom doesn’t call that often, probably because they use a calling card for long distance and by the time she’s punched in the 47 or so numbers she needs to use, it’s hard to remember why she’s doing it. Anyway, she wanted to let us know that my dad is going into the Univ. of Michigan Hospital on November 28 to get his right carotid artery roto-rootered. My sister Kelly, a super-competent nurse (who works at this particular hospital), says it’s a routine procedure, an overnight stay in most cases, follow-up in about two weeks, and he’s good to go. Maybe that will cure his bouts of dizziness. He’s in very good health, manages his diabetes, walks nearly every day, coming up on eight years since his bypass. So I’m going to try not to worry too much.

But our friend Alice is back in the hospital, a flare-up of her Crohn’s and some other stuff going on. I am very worried about her. She’s been in since last Saturday so it’s not something relatively simple. Stanley has been tending her kitties and birds, but I bet her creatures miss her as she mostly worked at home so they’re used to having her there. Stanley’s been friends with Alice for about 40 years, so this is really hard on him ...

To top it off, it’s his busy season so he can’t just stop for a day or two and take a break, and today there were some screwups (not his) that wasted a couple hours of his day, plus other little things to irritate him so he’s been in a foul, foul mood. His hissy fits are a thing to behold. The cat and the dog just look at him, sending mind messages: “Stop it. Just pet me. Pet me now.” Which seems to work. Especially when Ginger gets all goofy looking.

Speaking of goofy, ER was really whacked tonight. Not so much the plane crash (another flying machine crash—but at least it didn’t smush any cast members this time), but the way what’s-her-name (Lockhart, whatever, the Doc played by Maura Tierney) and Luka acted like a couple of 12 year olds. Next week, it looks like Michael (back from Iraq) and Neela are going to get married—Stanley says that means Michael will get killed in Iraq since NOBODY on that show has a good relationship that lasts longer than a few years (except maybe Dr. Lewis—who left, anyway, and that first nurse, Julianna what’s-her-name, who had to move to Seattle to be with George Clooney, and left the cast). There’s an improbably high fatality rate on that show, sheesh. I’m talking about the regular cast—not the patients.

FEMA is whacked too. I’d better not start with the crap they’re pulling on those poor people now or I’ll be writing for hours.

Anyway. Oh, the Photo Friday challenge today is “imperfection.” The question isn’t whether I can meet this challenge—it’s what to select. Last week, it was “worn” and I entered sad eyes because I love the way the worn door frames ginger peeking out at me. Sets a strange mood in a sunlit scene.

Imperfection.  Hmmm ...

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