noisy damn critters

I couldn't get a clear shot, or rather, a close-up shot, of this bird (have to read the directions for our digital camera, I guess). So take my word for it for now -- it's a parrot. I don't know what kind of parrot yet, since I don't know much about them -- actually identifying it will have to wait until we can get a closeup.


I guess a lot of folks wouldn't consider a parrot in a pine tree very interesting or even worth noting. Unless, of couse, they live in New England, which is not normally a wild parrot habitat. A few days ago, I was sitting on the porch with mutt Ginger, and heard this god-awful racket coming from this bird way up in our pine tree. I looked up, and at the time I thought it was a parrot, but decided I must be delusional.

Then, this afternoon, Stanley said, "There are parrots in the back yard!" "Hmm," I thought, maybe I wasn't nuts after all (well, about wild parrots in the back yard, anyway). So Stanley dug out the binoculars, and I grabbed the Toshiba. Sure enough, way the hell up in the huge pine tree, we saw two parrots. It sounded like there should be 40 of them; they make so much noise it's hard to believe that it comes from those two little bodies.

No wonder kitty Twitch was going nuts at the window this morning. (Twitch is an indoor cat, so Mr. & Mrs. Parrot are safe. From him anyway, though Twitch would sure like to change this.)

I hope they decide to stay and nest there. Even though they're so noisy, we think it's pretty neat to have parrots in the pine tree.

And we hope it drives our weasel neighbor Koutsoukos nuts -- they're right outside his bedroom window.
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