NSA - it’s time to look hard at this agency, too

Tech Update: Security / FBI most wanted: new IT priorities has some interesting factoids - basically it says the FBI has a stone-age info structure.

What is more interesting to me was the question on the feedback board, namely: How come the NSA, with its super-sophisticated and bleeding-edge technology, where they allegedly watch EVERYTHING, didn't know anything about what was going on? Or, if they did, why didn't they tell anyone? And why are they escaping scrutiny right now? How much do we spend on the NSA? What is the NSA supposed to be doing, anyway? How come Rice isn't being questioned? (Or is she?)
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  1. If I remember correctly, NSA is charged with monitoring international stuff - domestic stuff is all in the FBI’s backyard. So if the NSA missed something, it was coming direct from ol’ bin Laden in Afghanistan, not some moron in Florida.

    And, if I recall (again, hopefully correctly) the NSA isn’t even allowed to watch domestic stuff. Doesn’t mean that they might (hi guys!), just that they’re not supposed to. But they don’t call it the Puzzle Palace for no reason….

    Posted by adam  on  06/05  at  04:22 AM
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