photos i’ve been meaning to post

There are some photos that Stanley and I have taken that I’ve been meaning to post. Mainly because I just like them.

I think one of my top 10 favorite annuals is the cleome. I didn’t get many planted this summer (and the ones in the so-called cutting garden were eaten by bunnies this summer), so when a couple of opportunistic cleomes first appeared where the porch met the house, I asked Stanley just to leave them alone and see what happened (we need to replace the porch boards, anyway).

cleomes by stanley h thompson
opportunistic cleomes by Stanley H. Thompson (click to enlarge)

In summer 2006, I planted about 25 hardy gladiola bulbs amongst the peonies and crocosmia. The crocosmia came up this summer, but so far, only one glad this year:

hardy glad by stanley h thomson
hardy gladiola, with baptista in the background, by Stanley H. Thompson

Twitch is fond of boxes:

Twitch in the box by Stanley H Thompson
Twitch in the Box, © 2008 by Stanley H. Thompson (click to enlarge)

And so is Slink:

Slink in the box by stanley h thompson
Slink in the Big Box, © 2008 by Stanley H. Thompson (click to enlarge)

Ginger at the oncologist vet’s office—this was a few days after she got out of the animal hospital. She was in for her last stab at chemotherapy—which didn’t work. So now we’re just keeping her as happy as we can and maintaining her on prednisone. We don’t know how long she has left. We hope long enough for another trip to the beach in Oscoda the last week in August, but we just don’t know.

Ginger waiting for chemo, July 30, 2008
Ginger waiting for her appointment with her oncologist vet, July 30, 2008 (click to enlarge)

Of course, part of keeping her happy is MARSHMALLOWS!

Ginger just loves, loves, loves marshmallows! August 9, 2008 (click to enlarge)

And, finally, the kitties found a spot to watch the world from. Both of them have fallen off the cupboard, but they still like to hang out there.

kitchen kitties by lee fleming thompson
Kitchen Kitties - hanging out on top of the Hoosier cupboard (click to enlarge)

Meant to take a photo or two of ripe tomatoes from our garden—but we ate them. We’ve got bell peppers too, though we’re waiting for them to get red before we pick them (I don’t care for peppers, but Stanley loves them and they plants are so pretty!) Next summer, I hope, we can make the garden a bit larger and get more herbs in besides basil—that was all I had time to plant in the garden this summer, though I do have pots of rosemary and sage. Ah summer ...

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