quiet sunday

Stanley is off meeting a friend for a cuppa joe, the dog is snoring on her bed, the cat is off doing his cat things, so I’m just catching up with a few things before I continue working on Big Project #2. Out of about six. Anyway ...

Later today, I hope we can head to Home Depot to get some 5’ arborvitae they have on sale, I think they’re four for $30. We’ll add them to the living fence we’re working on to block the ugly house next door. Besides, we like them. We also have to go retrieve my trellis from the house I used to live at. Since Helene moved out, I want it back because I NEED it to replace the junky one from Gardener’s Supply that finally collapsed.

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The crocuses (crocusi? croci?) are abundant this year, which surprised me since we didn’t rake the lawn in the fall and there’s a dense mat of dead leaves over most of the lawn. Or what’s left of the lawn. We have four or five house and garden projects slated for this year, and The Resurrection of the Lawn is one of them. Another is Restoration of the Porch Columns. And there’s a couple of more having to do with the eaves and the roof (which needs replacing, ugh) and maybe, maybe, reclaiming the potting shed from about 15 years of mold and tiny mammals. Kate and Tattoo, Easter Sunday 05

Anyway. I forgot to mention our trip to Natick last weekend, for Easter. It was a great break—good to drop everything and just head up to visit my sister and crew. She made a great Easter dinner, which made Stanley very happy because she made scalloped potatoes (“Mmmm, starch,” he said.) and ham and the seafood salad I like so much. And chocolate for dessert. Everyone was pretty much in a good mood. Kate is going to the Junior-Senior Prom or something like that, and she and Maureen found a dress that is just beautiful; the colors are just perfect for Kate. Ben slept for maybe twenty minutes on Saturday night. I’m not sure what he did. But he made up for lost sleep on Sunday afternoon:

Ben snoozing, Easter Sunday 05
He was so out of it both Ginger and Tattoo jumping up on the bed and licking his face failed to wake him up. We dodged the bullet this weekend on the projected five inches of rain. We got about two inches yesterday, maybe we’ll get another inch later today. But certainly nothing like the dire forecasts. The rivers in Connecticut are flooding and it would be good if they don’t set any more records. The lower portion of our half acre looks like a pond. But the cellar didn’t flood for a change. I was worried about it based on the predictions. Ah, here is the cat, twitching as he watches the finches in the burning bush. Isn’t it interesting how news producers, particularly on TV, can only seem to carry one story at a time? For two weeks, it was Shiavo all day and all night. Now it’s All-Pope, All the Time (as Stanley says).  I guess the rest of the world has ground to a halt, since I don’t see much coverage of anything else such as, oh, Iraq, The Sudan, Indonesia ... next thing we’ll see is some stupid analysts telling us that religion is very important to us because we watched the Pope-aganza in record numbers. Kinda like when the OJ “Chase” Show got huge ratings, wowing the pundits who failed to note that it was the only thing showing on nearly every bloody channel. The Pope Show is even bigger than the Reagan Show was. Will last longer, too, since we’ll have to endure all this until the world sees white smoke. All this for a reactionary old fart. Yes, I am a recovering Catholic.
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