really wild weather here

Right now the dog is cowering in the laundry room—it will take her a while to emerge even though the thunderstorm has passed—but she can probably hear, even if I can’t, it as it passes over Lake Huron because the lake magnifies the sound. If you take a look at this link to Wundermap showing Oscoda, my parents are located where it says Lincoln Junction, about a mile inland from Lake Huron (but maybe .25 mile from Cedar Lake, which one would have to cross over to get to Lake Huron from here).

It’s kind of a strange location here when it comes to the weather—I think there must be something about the geography that sets it up to be mostly located between fronts. I’ve been here when there were whiteout snowstorms to the north and south of us, but nary a flake here.

Today there was a series of wild storms that blew in from the southwest, and tornado warnings and watches—I don’t know if there were any actual tornadoes touching down within 100 miles or so, will have to wait and see tomorrow—but the especially wild weather was to the north and south of Oscoda. And tonight there was a storm around midnight that we watched for a while—Stanley was tired and went to bed, so he missed the best part. Here is the strangeness: to the west and south and overhead, there was lightening and lots of rain. To the far north and northeast, I could see lightening. But to the northwest, the stars were unbelievably beautiful. So I was looking at the stars while standing in the rain and watching the lightening. And it wasn’t the first time I’ve seen this up here.

Thursday’s thunderstorms set a record, the most rainfall on a single day in June: 2.8+ inches. Thursday it only got up to 71 degrees. Today, it got up to 90 degrees. Saturday, it’s supposed to get to nearly 90 again. I think the average for Oscoda in early June is something like 73 degree.

Besides seeing my parents, the best thing about being here now is that the lilacs are in full bloom—I can smell them now, along with the wet grass.

Now it’s time to go round up the cats and bring them in from the porch so I can go to bed.

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