revenge? or do they just like purple?

Stanley told me about this house a while ago, and we finally snapped a shot of it while driving by a week or so ago. It’s on a corner of Flax Hill Road, in Norwalk. It’s very interesting in that the yard and gardens are meticulously maintained, and everything looks trim and tidy. But a closer look reveals the paint job is, um, less than professionally done. Which leads us to suspect this is the result of a fit of pique. But, we could be wrong.

click to enlarge, if you dare ...

It really is purple. My photo doesn’t do justice to its purpleness. I’m sure the neighbors are fit to be tied. It’s not a high-end neighborhood, but it is a neighborhood with a lot of house pride: people mow their lawns and trim their hedges and rake their leaves and maintain their houses.

It must be really hard to find plants and shrubs that don’t look gaggy against grape.

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  1. First time visit, so I could be way off base, but have you ever been to San Francisco?  I live in the Bay Area and the houses here are purple and orange and pastel shades.  It’s definitely unusual as compared with other places but I think it looks awesome.  The purple house may not fit very well in that particular neighborhood but it’s definitely unique.  Who says houses have to be white, anyway?

    Posted by Kate  on  06/29  at  06:06 PM
  2. I’ve been to San Francisco, and other towns such as Ann Arbor, Michigan, which also has its share of painted ladies. I’ve also been to Mexico and Florida and other places where brightly painted houses are the norm. I love them if they’re charming or fit the environment or are done well.

    But this house is on a street in an old New England town and doesn’t look charming, it just looks garish, especially since the paint job is so sloppy. There’s a difference between eye-catching and garish. There’s a difference between quirkiness and hostility. This crosses the line between quirky to downright nasty.

    Posted by lee  on  06/29  at  06:37 PM
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