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Stars come out on Capitol Hill, and one senator has had enough: about Sen. Voinovich questioning the purpose of having celebrities, such as Kevin Richardson (of the Backstreet Boys. What, you don't know who this is?? I didn't either ... ) providing expert testimony on mountaintop mining. He was invited to share is expertise, which consists of "Like, yeah, I saw it when I flew over the mountains," by Senator Joseph Lieberman.

Lieberman's face seems to be on the TV for every single issue that hits the media radar, foreign or domestic. I'm not talking about just local TV (since local, for me, is his home state). I'm talking about network TV, CNN, etc. and all the alphabet media outlets.

You may recall that this is the man who hedged his bets by running for vice president and senator at the same time -- a feat, while legal, was nonetheless scummy.

How can he possibly have expertise on so many different issues? There's no way. He's a dilettante.

He invites celebrities to provide expert testimony on causes that may be dear to their hearts but that they're not experts about because, probably, he wants them to campaign for him when he runs for president.

One thing I have noticed is he doesn't seem to be toadying to celebrities who might, by comparison, show Americans how unpresidential Lieberman appears. Let's see, which actors have played presidents recently: Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman, James Cromwell, Bill Pullman, Martin Sheen, etc. -- all actors who portray presidents we WISH we had, you know, people with integrity, courage, brains, accountability ...

Think about it -- who would you rather have running our country: A) Lieberman or B) the president in Air Force One? Who would you rather have dealing with terrorism, A) Lieberman or B) the president in West Wing?

Then again, who would you rather have running this country: A) Lieberman or B) Bush?
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