Had to take Stanley back to Bridgeport Hospital to see his surgeon today. When he woke up, he found that his incision was oozing liquid and pus, plus he was in agony with every breath. So began the merry-go-round of phone calls and doctor tag.

Dr. Robinson examined S and found that there was an infection at the bottom of his incision. Dr. R drained the pus (unbelievable amount of blood and crap coming out of that hole, ye gods). So, scrips for a strong antibiotic and some pain meds, and instructions to come back on Friday for followup and to call if there is a problem tomorrow.

Feck. And we were just so pleased the other day with how well the incision seemed to be healing over. At any rate, Dr. Kiwi said the sternum is healing very well, and the new valve is sounding very good. The infection was a setback, but not a major setback, apparently.

The pity is we had to postphone a meeting we were very much looking forward to. Hopefully, we can go tomorrow—will try to as long as S feels he can at least sit there and listen.

S is still astonished at how much the operation took the wind out of his sails. I miss him at work—it was so strange sending out some sketches without first putting our heads together to fine tune them. He tried to look at one of them at one point, but he just cannot concentrate any longer than five minutes or thereabouts.

Now to try to get his pain meds. The doc prescribed them for him, but didn’t put the dosage down so Walgreens had to call him. Unfortunately, Dr. R had gone back into surgery by that time and who knows how long it will take to get the answer. At least I could get his antibiotics filled.


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