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bensoccer041004.jpgThe Saturday before Easter was one of those days that makes you glad to be alive. We were in Natick visiting family, and Ben asked us if we wanted to go watch his first soccer game of the season. Of course! So we loaded up Ginger and a chair and headed to Elm Bank. It was fun watching the game. The score isn't important! It was just fun being outside in the sun.

Elm Bank is the location of the grounds of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, which was at one time a fancy estate with the grand house built around 1907. The grounds were designed and redesigned by the Olmstead Brothers. Lovely rolling hills and fields on the edge of the Charles River. I'm not sure who actually owns the playing fields. It's just a place I want to explore more--particularly when the greenhouses are open or they have a plant sale.

It was a pretty decent holiday weekend, although we worked for most of it. Friday was a bad day, though, as the datacenter that houses our computer went down due to, first, a failed switch and then later to a denial of service attack. It was pretty frustrating. To give Netsonic credit, they got things fixed a lot faster than we thought they would. This was the only major problem this company had in the yearish that we've had our webserver and random websites with them--they are consistently excellent and very supportive. Must be all that Wisconsin milk or something.

[whine] I managed to catch up the bookkeeping. We had to get a updated version of QuickBooks so we could install it on our XP Pro machine since QBPro 99 just would not install. I resented that, though there are a couple of nice features, such as being able to email invoices from within the program, they weren't nice enough to have to spend the bucks to update it (I mean, c'mon, bookkeeping is bookkeeping -- no radical new technologies here, really.) Plus, if you install QB, be very careful to back up stuff beforehand as the installation did a number on my machine, somehow managing to mess up Dreamweaver settings and killing portions of Internet Explorer. I had to restore and reinstall, and things still aren't the way I like them. But at least I finished the bookkeeping so I can do the taxes. [/whine]

They seemed to know what they were doing.

Break time!

Ben's dog, Tattoo (the Heinz breed on the left) and Ginger seemed to be enjoying themselves. Check out Stanley's souvenir from Kansas--the $10 gas station Matrix glasses.


This building is allegedly going to be restored by the horticultural society. It's so huge, and so far gone, I imagine it will take a long, long time to generate the funds to do it. (Have to sell a LOT of seedlings!) I imagine it was a pretty spectacular house at one time.

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