Stanley, by way of Abberrant News, sent me this link: EATS, SHOOTS & LEAVES Punctuation Game. I got one wrong, but I disagree with the judge, or whomever it was that decided "no comma" is the wrong answer. I love the book. It's making me more aware of the punctuation I should and shouldn't use. The hard part about reading the book, though, is seeing the period used outside of the closing quote. This is a British thing and, to me, just looks wrong.

But the bad thing about the book is it's made me even more aware of how much punctuation is being mangled. I don't mind this so much on blogs, but in mainstream news it drives me nuts. If I read a badly punctuated blog, I can excuse it to some degree (though I never quite trust the content). But never a mainstream newspaper.

The Herald Sun, which hails from North Carolina, offers a U.S. Citizenship test. Other than the name of the governor of NC (who cares?), the test is so easy I have a hard time believing this is really the one used.

GasBuddy -- helps you find the cheapest gas around. I wonder how far people will drive to save a few cents a gallon?

The Lost Museum is yet another virtual museum exhibit, this one a recreation of P.T. Barnum's museum. The real one burned down in 1865. It's pretty annoying to get around this museum, which is done in Flash. Once you get to the actual information about the exhibits, it's pretty well done. The question is, often, is there more information here? In some cases, it's hard to tell -- just click the word "Archive" if the Flash artifact doesn't make it apparent. There are some cute effects, such as a rat running across the floor below one display case. A good place to poke around, particularly if you're curious about the weird.
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