the vehicles are gone!

The people came yesterday and took away the van and the Nova. Yes! They were happy, Stanley was happy (he hates giving old cars to the junkyard—“Why should they make money off of my car?” He’d rather give them to someone who will use them.), I’m thrilled.

It’s so pretty out today—I’m about to go out with my “new” Kodak Duoflex III (the one Stanley gave me for Christmas). And I found a place that develops 120 film via mail order, and even one that I THINK will develop my 620 film (which is really just re-rolled 120 film—I just need the spool back and I don’t know if the place I use for processing the 120 film will return it ... )

I would like to test out my new roto-tiller. But guess who wants to try it out first. He said he hasn’t given it to me yet.

Oh, and Stanley sez there is an area of lawn that was indeed reclaimed from the dust—he said the grass is growing fierce and fast around the birdbath. Hmmm. Not exactly a huge swath of lawn, but nice to know it’s possible.

I guess I forgot to say that my roto-tiller was delivered by Fedex on Saturday morning at 8:30 am. Maybe the delivery person knocked because Ginger sure went crazy—she even went downstairs to see who was at the door—and she rarely goes down without me. I’m glad he left it—I managed to drag it into the foyer and then went back up to bed. I didn’t know Fedex did Saturday deliveries for ground shipments—they must’ve wanted to get it out of the way or something.

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