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Oxford Health Plans just notified us that our health insurance premium is skyrocketing: from $7,900 per year (for two people) to $11,500 per year. That’s 46%. That’s basic, cover-our-butts coverage. A $5,000 deductible. No prescription plan. No vision. Dental? Hah.

Now, I know we eached bumped up one tier in the geezer chain (the five-year blocks). But 46%? I thought Oxford was now part of United Healthcare, giving it an even bigger pool. Doesn’t seem to matter. And I know about $100,000 was spent on Stanley last year for his heart surgery, but in Connecticut, utilization is not supposed to matter (and I just got the stuff Oxford says to get, like a physical and a mammagram—I sure didn’t cost Oxford anywhere near the premiums I paid!)

Which is why, after being inundated with commercials for it during Nightline, I finally went to healthcare4every1.org and signed up.

When I think about how handy the extra $3,900 would have come in for expanding our business ... no, never mind, that’s too depressing. Maybe we should move to Massachusetts ...

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