5+ inches of rain just today

And it’s still coming down, though not nearly as hard as before. Ugh. We have pots and buckets all over the house to catch the leaks (we really need a new roof) and the cellar has turned into the River Styx. Stanley was baling, but had to go to Weston to deal with an out-of-town client’s house. Here is our back yard (click to enlarge):


Helene, over in Westport, lives on the Saugatuck River and while she’s on the first floor, her garden apartment neighbor is under water. Their landlord, Peter Palmer, is in Florida, so they called the fire department—but the WFD didn’t have the equipment needed to pump out the apartment. So Helene and her neighbor have been dragging furniture and stuff up to Helene’s porch. Helene lives on Richmondville. WestportNow.com (http://www.westportnow.com) has a lot of pictures of the havoc over that way.

Just glad we live on top of a hill.

The Dogwoods Are in Bloom
One dogwood (I think the Japanese dogwood) is nearly in full bloom and one (the American dogwood) is kind of iffy right now. I took the first two of these pics from the bathroom window on the second floor—the blooms look greener when viewed with the eyeball than these show. Damn cat tried to climb me to get to the open window (I pulled down the screen to shoot), which made me lose my balance and when I grabbed the window to steady myself, it closed and smashed my fingers—frelling cat ... nothing is broken, but oy. The third picture is the American, taken from the balcony. Still to early for that one, I think. Click the images to enlarge them.

Dogwood, west side of the house, April 23, 2006, by Lee Fleming Thompson

Dogwood, west side, April 23, 2006 by Lee Fleming Thompson

Dogwood, back, April 23, 2006 by Lee Fleming Thompson

Seems like the flowers glow in the gloomy weather, doesn’t it?

Stanley has been gone a couple of hours now—so I suspect the problem he’s dealing with is much worse than anticipate. Bet he’s in a foul mood when he gets back. Oh joy—this has not been a very good week for him (his hard drive crashed, and it’s going to cost us $1,500 to recover the data. Backups? I don’t want to get into that ... let’s just say there is no way we’re ever going to pay for data recovery again, or else ... )

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