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Love my toy cameras and I’m always looking for more information about them. I took a look through this site, put together by photographer Marcy Merrill: After you’ve poked around in JunkStore Cameras, take a look at the rest of her site, a lot of interesting stuff that she has the patience to document (much more patience than I would have). I really like her photography too. Lots of interesting experiments.

Well, Can You?
Can you pass the citizenship test? (Yep, I did. I paid attention during Civics—I even liked it.)

Ye Gods!
Need to check up on a god? has data available on more than 2,850 deities. (Jesus is under the middle-eastern mythology category, in case you’re wondering.)

Must-have Resource for Jeopardy Buffs Which, sad to say, does not have a search engine.

Today, I wanted to work in the garden. And take a picture of the dogwood tree, which started blooming on April 20 this year. But it’s raining and dreary and so chilly that Stanley turned the furnace back on. I need a break from making websites so I think I’ll, um, maybe work on cleaning the house? The furballs are massing for an attack and we’ve lost the cat somewhere in the piles of clothes in the guest room, so off I go.

Advertising Dregs
But not before making an observation about IBM’s current ad campaign. It’s the commercial with the blue flowers floating all over the place, masses of the same flower (I have no idea what the point of the flowers is supposed to be—designer barf, I suspect). At any rate, the theme of this commercial is “I’m not like everybody else.” So to hammer the theme of uniqueness, the admeisters have hordes of people singing exactly the same line at the same time in the same way (“I’m not like everbody else” by The Kinks). Methinks IBM needs a new advertising agency—and fast. What a wombat this commercial is. I can’t even figure out what they’re selling. Blah.

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