a very good bullshit list

The Millenium Project, from, I think, Australia. Site owner Peter Bowditch devotes an amazing amount of time and energy to listing the worst on the web -- most of it annotated.

A great resource -- Penn & Teller should consult it for their excellent Showtime Bullshit series. Which, by the way, was excellent last night (about creationism). I'm looking forward to next week's show: Self-Helpless.
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  1. You should consider taking your little praise of Peter Bowditch’s site (ratbags.com) off of your site. Otherwise known as the Millenium Project. The guy is insane and for some reason has a real issue with anyone who questions Western medicine. My site is a target of his. I’m sorry, I’ve been researching my issue for a decade and I know what I’m talking about. If you don’t get rid of it, you should be embarrassed.

    Posted by Dawn Winkler  on  01/19  at  05:59 AM
  2. I would be embarassed if I “withdrew” my praise of this site because you said the man is insane. “Oh, no! She said he’s insane—I better revise this entry!” Ain’t gonna happen. I need more than an ad hominum attack. Why, for example, is he targeting your website? Why is he wrong and you right?

    I’m not suggesting you give me chapter and verse of your dispute with him (I read it)—just consider that calm statements of fact have more impact than name calling.

    I did spend quite a few years doing research for a physician deeply involved with the diagnosis of and treatment of autism (an author of the DAN Protocol), attended all the conferences, met all the players, read all the research—so I do understand the issues.

    And I also understand that the use of Thimerosal in vaccines is still a controversial issue that is a long way from being resolved definitively one way or the other and that there are other candidates for the cause of autism that have as strong a case, if not stronger cases, than mercury in a vaccine.

    So my advice to you is spread facts instead of spewing venom. Would be a much better use of your time.

    Posted by lee  on  01/19  at  06:36 AM
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