almost over?

Well, Ginger and I trekked outside to check things out around 11:20 or so. My estimate is about 13 inches of snow, total. In the lower left corner of this picture, you can just see the top of a tin flowerpot, which is 15 inches tall. It's so windy and drifty there is no real level spot to get a ruler reading -- my measurements ranged from 11 inches to "where the hell did the ruler go?" So 13 is about right.


It wasn't snowing much this time, and you could see the almost-full moon through the clouds. The clouds are coming in from the northwest-west now, which means the storm has circled around, it looks like. According to the weatherfolk, maybe two to four more inches by early tomorrow. Allegedly, it's supposed to be over around 11 am-ish.

Ginger had fun jumping through the snow -- it's hard to get a picture of her mid-jump, so this will have to do. It's hard to capture the joy she exudes romping through the snow. It's such a pleasure watching her play I don't mind bundling up to take her out. Much.


Stanley has most of the shoveling done. I just hope the worst of it is really over so he doesn't have to do it again in the morning. I still have no idea if we're going to make it to brunch or not -- won't know until we wake up. I suspect not.
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