well it’s new england
why the hell are people so surprised?

As of noon on December 6, the snowfall total here in Norwalk was 6.5 inches, at least as reported by Weather Underground. I'd say as of about 1:15, it was about 7 inches, but it's hard to tell for sure because the wind is pretty fierce.

We meant to go buy a snowblower to ward off the snow this winter--but we didn't get around to it. So it's our fault we are being pounded with this snowstorm.

I love storms and I love to watch the wild weather, but from about twelve seconds after it's over, I want the snow gone, before it starts to get filthy and sloppy and the snowplows plow in the driveway. But it's beautiful and exciting now.

Stanley took this picture from our bedroom window yesterday early evening. He says it's an awful picture, but I like it. Bear in mind that the cars are going 40 mph on a 25 mph street despite the appalling road conditions. This is Strawberry Hill Avenue in front of Nathan Hale Middle School.


Ginger and I decided to check out the world around 1:00:


It has gotten much worse than this in the hour or so since I took this shot:


Ginger is listening for the snowplows here--she hates the awful noises they make even more than she hates the snowmobiles that tear up and down Strawberry Hill Avenue at the slightest coating of snow. It looks like fun, but I had my fill of snowmobiles when I had a house in the Catskills. And they're so damned noisy.


This is looking out in the school side of our back yard:


Ginger spotted Stanley through the window, and he was eating a cookie! "Oh please let me in I want a cookie too oh pretty please I won't shake I promise ... "


We're going to wander around outside again in a couple of hours, maybe. Right now, it's just too windy.

Tomorrow we're supposed to go with Helene and Maria to celebrate our birthdays with brunch at a nice restaurant--we do this every year since all four of us have our birthdays within the same three weeks. That's supposing we can dig out in time. We're not sure yet when this will be over since the "blizzard conditions warning" doesn't expire until midnight.
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