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Stanley got his PICC line removed Friday morning. It was creepy to watch, but he’s delighted to have it gone. Though he’s supposed to go see the cardiologist to have things checked (like two weeks ago), he’s dragging his heels on setting up the appointment (“look what happened the last time” is, I guess, the reason for his hesitation). But I guess it doesn’t matter much since he’s scheduled for a physical near the end of May.

On Monday, S had a follow-up appointment with Zane Saul. We had to wait nearly two hours to see Saul for five minutes. Inexcusably rude. Saul’s rationale was that he was backed up because it was his first day back from vacation. Thinks nothing of wasting our time or the time of all the people cooling their heels in his waiting room. When we asked what the deal was, the receptionist said we could schedule another appointment. Like we were going to come back some other day and waste another two hours of our life.

Stanley says, “The woman who cuts our hair can manage to have the receptionist call us and tell us she’s running late, but Zane can’t manage that?”

Saul wasn’t our choice for following up on the staph infection (hell, he’s head of the department that is supposed to PREVENT staph infections at Bridgeport Hospital, why would we trust him?), but Robinson said we should see him, so we went along with it. If you have an infectious disease, find somebody else unless you like spending time in waiting rooms.

Anyway. We’re almost finished with a site that we’re looking forward to launching—lots of work but I really like it. More on that when it launches. Plus we’re making some revisions to another site, to fine-tune the sales pitch, cart flow. More on that later, as well. Very, very busy this week—actually too busy to do the billing that I should have gotten out a couple of weeks ago. I hate doing the billing because I hate bookkeeping. It’s never as automated as I’d like it to be since most of what we do is custom work. Frell.

This weekend, we’re going to Natick to visit Maureen, Kate, and Ben (oh, and Tattoo too). Mainly to hang out, watch Ben’s soccer game, paint swatches on the walls to decide on what colors to paint some of the rooms, catch up on our gabbing ... I am really looking forward to it.

I wanted to get a few photos up here. I would put them in the Gallery, but I haven’t had a chance to fix it since I screwed it up during the upgrade (like the shoemaker’s kids running around with no shoes). The first one is a photo of Twitch that Stanley shot, and I just love it:

Twitch enjoying the April sunshine, by Stanley H. Thompson

Earlier in the month we managed to get over to Sherwood Island and walk on the beach. Trying to get some walking in while Stanley was building up his strength again.

Stanley and Ginger at Sherwood Island, April 13, 2005
Stanley and Ginger at Sherwood Island, April 13, 2005

I planted lots of bulbs last fall. Some of them, the ones that survived the onslaught of the damn squirrels, woodchucks, or various other creatures who eat bulbs, are starting to bloom and it’s pretty interesting to see what’s coming up where. I love these tulips:

tulips April 2005

I had never heard of, or planted, fritillaria before until I saw them in a catalog and thought they looked interesting. I like them even more now that I can see them in real life, and will probably get more of them this fall.

fritillaria April 2005

The 2005 Lawn Reclamation Project is still underway. It will be three weeks since we seeded the part of the so-called lawn off the porch and, as yet, nary a blade of grass. Maybe when it gets a bit warmer? It’s slightly chillier than average for this time of year. Maybe a bit more sunshine? It’s supposed to rain again this weekend—maybe next week I’ll see green that isn’t chickweed or onion grass invading, though at this point I just want to see green where I now see dirt.

Next week we need to rake the back 40 and, in the area behind the apple trees, I want to sow wildflower seed, rake it in, and let that go to meadow. I see no reason to have a half acre of lawn.

Also, next week, we should be getting the 10 Giant Cedars we ordered (along with 10 complimentary butterfly bushes and a pair of garden gloves) so we can build more of our wall (aka a privacy hedge).

Oh, there’s so much more to babble on about, but I think I’d rather just go to bed.

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