the new food pyramid

When I first got a look at it, it kind of reminded me of Chitzen-itza. Then I looked at it, and realized it conveys no information. None. Emblematic of the Bushies, I think.

The design and the website the goes with it cost US taxpayers at least $2.5 million dollars.

But other who know more about design than I have written better rants about it than I can. Michael Beirut of DesignObserver comes to mind:

The new pyramid has none of the bracing clarity of the old one. As a seasoned graphic designer, I find myself with the dismaying ability to look beyond any new design and see the interminable series of meetings that was its genesis. The brief the Department of Agriculture gave its consultant, Porter Novelli, must have been daunting.

Indeed. Make it look busy while saying nothing, offending no one (except those of us who expect information graphics to, um, provide information).

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