bandwiz launched (again!)

We've been working like mad to finish up the redesign / remodeling of Bandwiz. We finished!

Last March, we redesigned the site for the first time. It looked great, but it wasn't what we recommended -- not for a corporate site. The client wanted a Flash splash page, which we strongly advised against, and settled for a Flash movie taking up a great deal of the home page. The client wanted things like headings turned in to graphics, vs. html, which we also advised against -- at least on the home page. The client wanted the site editable in Macromedia Contribute, which we set up, but which didn't work well because the staff assigned to doing the maintenance never bought into the job.

The site had okay traffic, but nothing spectacular. It was basically a company-centric site (a vp-stroker site), which was a shame because the company has such a great product (see below).

New marketing VP. Who took a look at the site, asked us a bunch of questions such as "How do we get ranked higher in the search engines?" and "How do we make this site more visitor-centric?" And listened, thought things through, planned out her strategy, asked us more questions, had us develop prototypes, got feedback, and let us develop the site the way it should be in order to meet the goals of the site: to provide information about the product Bandwiz sells, which is software that provides an affordable ECDN (enterprise content delivery network).

The basics are done. It's a good site structured so that it will be easy to maintain and to add enhancements such as a demo or interactive content. There are a couple of things we still need to install on the site, such as a registration management system and a content management system for the news / press releases section -- but it's very functional now. It's going to be interesting to watch how the redesign has an impact on traffic and conversions. So check out Bandwiz and let me know what you think.

Now if I just had time to finish the redesign of InfoPulse! A great redesign, very elegant, but we've been so busy with client projects we haven't had time to even update our site. There are additions to the portfolio, for example, that we haven't had time to add in, let alone code the new design. But I'm NOT complaining. Far from it.
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