whaddaya mean it’s october?

Insanely busy--working on Fungi Folio stuff (you know, those projects that start out fairly straightforward and just seem to mushroom), but we actually are almost done with the "deadline - was - yesterday" projects and life should get back to what passes as normal for us within a day or two. Sure they will. What's good is all of the projects we have are interesting and we are just about ready to think about beginning on another one (we can at least set up Movable Type and import Blogger entries!) Fortunately, all the work is for clients and projects we like a lot, which somewhat takes the pain out of not getting quite enough sleep. Somewhat.

But I did manage to notice that the morons prevailed in California--yeah, maybe recall the guv, but to choose Arnold Schwarzenegger? That takes a special kind of stupid. For Californians' sake, I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt I am. But then again, it affects us not one whit here in Connecticut. We already have a Republican wrecking our state. The best I can say for him is at least he got through college and can at least say nothing without spouting comic - book - movie clichs.

And I also noticed that the Do Not Call list survived one more round of court rulings. Good--there's hope for it yet.

Today's weirdest story:
(Hartford-AP, Oct. 8, 2003 5:43 AM) _ Enfield police are trying to figure out how the skeletal remains of a human foot ended up on the shore of the Connecticut River.

Volunteers working to clean up the riverbank found the foot inside a work boot Saturday. A faded white sock was still on it.

Volunteer Kate Card tells The Hartford Courant that when workers found the boot, some joked there might be a foot inside. All joking stopped when there actually was.

Deputy Police Chief Raymond Bouchard confirmed that the foot was human. He says it probably belonged to someone who committed suicide somewhere upstream.

I guess I wonder most what "faded white" looks like. Is it somehow less white? Enquiring minds wanna know ...
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