fruits of the occupation

Why the US Occupation of Iraq Must End is a powerful Flash movie created for Dennis Kuchinich's campaign. He is trying to raise the funds to run it on television in Iowa.

The animation was created by Eric Blumrich.

Ed Stephan, a sociologist at Western Washington University, maintains a chart tracking U.S. military deaths during the conquest of Iraq.

Today, there was a story on the wires on the possibility (probability?) that the U.S. would house the U.S. Embassy in Iraq in Saddam's main palace, which somehow escaped being blown to smithereens during the shock and awe bombing. That demonstrates very clearly the lack of sensitivity, or even common sense, exhibited by our gub'mint. Or maybe it symbolizes exactly what the Bushies are up to.

I still check this: IRAQOMETER. But it's so depressing.
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