we don’t forgive you, Johnny boy. Resign.

I watched John Rowland's sorry attempt at an apology last night:
Rowland makes public apology--"I ask the people of Connecticut for their forgiveness, I should have paid more attention to people around me and people that I trusted but I am sorry for my actions and take full responsibility."
So he's saying he was too oblivious to notice the sudden, expensive spruce-up of his cabin on the lake. Just like he didn't think there was anything wrong with paying pennies on the dollar for vacations that should have cost thousands. The maximum dollar amount for any gift received by a government official in Connecticut is $10. So one would think he would think twice about accepting a hot tub. But no--he's guilty of either not paying enough attention or for trusting bad people, he says. I think he's just another slimy crook accepting graft with one hand while slashing funding for the people who need it the most: poor children, the disabled, the working poor.

Rowland is a crook, and he should resign and spare the state the expense of impeachment. He's gutted the coffers of Connecticut enough.

After watching Rowland's piss-poor performance, Stepford wifey Patty steps up to the podium and reads a long rip-off of "The Night Before Christmas" where she whines because the media dares to report things such as her husband is a liar and a crook and her son (from a previous marriage) is a druggie who agreed to rehab to avoid jail.

It's so embarrassing.

Rowland is particularly repugnant because he didn't hesitate to smear former Bridgeport mayor Joe Ganim (who I think is now serving his jail time) for exactly the same thing. Rowland whines about how this cabin thing is overshadowing his nine years of service. That kind of whining just makes me wonder if the cabin and the vacations are only the tip of the iceberg--I don't he all of a sudden became dirty. I suspect when the feds dig further down, they'll find lots more. Whether or not they do, Rowland has effectively destroyed his own political future, so he may as well resign now and maybe the feds will go away so he can avoid becoming Ganim's cellmate.
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