Google Maps and focus

Got a link to the beta of Google Maps and have been playing around with it some. The online maps are really nice, clear, easy to read.  The driving directions are outlined clearly, though there are some weird blue lines that seem to go nowhere. The online maps themselves are quite nice.

However ... the font size is much too small when you print out driving directions. It would be impossible for most people to read this text while driving, particularly in low light. Also, it would be nice if the path was printed on the directions map—again, it’s much too hard to read the map printed out and not having the map makes it all the harder to use.

But there are some interesting features. If, for example, you want to find a restaurant nearby, there will be a way to find that. Right now, the search is in no way granular—I can search for restaurants in Norwalk, but if I try to search for restaurants using my street address, I get Joloff Restaurants [sic] in Brooklyn and a link to University of Pennsylvania’s African Studies Center directory of African restaurants located somewhere besides the continent of Africa (this is the real link, in case you’re interested). Hmm. I suspect Google Map is way not ready for prime time.

In the afternoon, we go see the heart surgeon at Bridgeport Hospital to find out the deal with Stanley’s valve job/bypass. I have lots of questions and will write them all on a list tomorrow morning so I don’t forget to ask them. Starting with the basics: “Where is the blockage and how bad is it?” Didn’t hear anything from the cardiologist today about the MRA—what is the procedure with this, do we call him to find out the test results? I suspect this would be good for us to know before we see the surgeon. Stanley will call him in the morning to find out. And I also want to get Stanley’s blood test results so we have a baseline, so to speak. So much to do. What is so maddening is I’ll be working away on something, or reading, or watching tv, and then I start thinking about all this. I can’t focus on anything else very long.

Ack. Now to go finish off those screen shots for a project due to launch soon ... and speaking of Focus—our damned car is being recalled AGAIN. But that’s another story.

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