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It was a gorgeous afternoon--perfect weather. We decided to spend a couple of hours at Three Mile Beach before we took Mamie out for her birthday dinner. Ben & Ginger had a wonderful time:

Digging away -- a joint venture


Working hard at ... whatever?


But the best was Lake Huron


Doggie Surfing!



Later, we went to a nice restaurant in East Tawas to celebrate Mamie's mmphfth birthday. And we managed to get Terminator 1 at the video shop, fulfilling Ben's primary request (he, of course, loved it, except for the smoochie scenes). He's having a pretty good vacation so far. Especially since I didn't yell too much when he consumed a quarter pound of fudge in about five minutes. He picked out a beautiful Wind Deva for Mamie, and just got back from Putt Putt golf. We'll be going back to the beach in a bit unless it starts to rain before we leave. (Even if it does, it gives us more of a chance to listen to Harry Potter 5.) And he's been zzing away a lot--fresh air and lots of exercise have been knocking a lot of the insomnia right out of him so far ... hope it continues working.
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