more vacation pictures—and my sister’s vacation too

Yesterday was just gorgeous--blue, breezy, absolutely clear and dry air. So of course we headed to the beach again.

A perfect day:

Stanley and Ginger

Instead of standing around talking ...

Stanley, Ben, and Ginger discussing the meaning of the universe

It's better to just run

running along Three Mile Beach, August 27, 2003

Ben has this thing for making holes ...

maybe he'll find Jumanji

He looked!


We were driven from the beach by the biting flies. Word of advice: Off Skintastic does NOT ward off biting flies, even though the packaging says it does. Next time, we'll try the deep woods stuff.

Later we went to see Freaky Friday, which Ben loved (most of. He didn't like the kissy stuff.) Stanley and I liked it too. Then home to watch a video of The Two Towers. Or part of it, anyway.

Right now, Dad, Stanley, and Ben are canoeing the mighty Au Sable River. We slathered so much sunscreen on them all I hope they can hang on to the paddles.

Then maybe Stanley and I can try to reverse our luck at the Mikado bingo tonight. On Tuesday night, Mom won $160! (Too bad that other lady won too, drat it all.)

Don't know yet what's on tap for tomorrow--maybe Norman's, if they even allow heathens and other non-Christians in the place. We'll see. Ben needs a souvenir t-shirt or two.

My sister, Kelly, her son Leo, and hubby/daddy Dale went to the Black Hills & Mt. Rushmore for their summer vacation. Of the approximately 6,000 pictures Dale sent to Mom and Dad, these three are the ones I like the best:

Kelly is some tropical garden somewhere in SD:


Leo in the same place, gazing at a passionflower:


Mother and son:


It looks like they had a good time. Some day, I'll get to see Mt. Rushmore. I want to get a Winnebago and travel the continent when we retire, but Stanley just looks at me like I'm nuts when I suggest it. Okay, so maybe not a Winnie--maybe a pickup truck with a camper ...
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