my nephew is a soldier now


Aaron McCaskey and Cara Schalmo

My nephew, Aaron, just graduated from basic training at Fort Jackson, SC. Here he is with his mom, Carolyn (Cara). Aaron joined the Michigan Army National Guard. So far, he says he likes being in the army. He’s now in Fort Lee, Virginia, doing what I’m not sure yet. I’ll find out more in a few days, but it’s some kind of advanced training beyond basic training. Ft. Lee is support command, things like quartermastering and logistics. He’ll be there a total of “seven weeks and three days” and, after that, supposedly back to Michigan. I hope for good—I really hope I don’t have to spend another year worrying about a loved one stationed in Iraq. We’re all very proud of Aaron. I don’t know if I’ll get to see him any time this year—he missed Kris’s wedding because of basic training and we were sorry not to see him then. I hope he does as well in the next round of training. Below are some pictures Cara sent—click them to enlarge them.

Aaron McCaskey

Aaron McCaskey

Grad formation

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