the internet is wonderful

There is danger in a blog sometimes. People you would cross the street to avoid in the real world can hunt you down in cyberspace. But at least it’s rarely dull. I received a comment on one of my old entries (you can read it here) and in the process of figuring out what the hell she was talking about, I came across this wonderful site:

George Hammond’s Scientific Proof of God Website.

Note, please, that this site has nothing to do with what the woman commented on—I saw the reference on The Millenium Project, a site that is a wonderful time trap.

Yes, indeed. Intelligent design is piffle—George has all the answers. Here is a very brief snippet of the paper published in The Noetic Journal Vol. 4 No. 3, July 2003 (it says so at the top). In the Abstract, it says, “A causal link between Relativity and the Structural Model yields the world’s first experimentally confirmed scientific proof of God.”

... Finally, an actual scientific proof of God has been detected.  Surely it is time that the scientific community took note of these developments.

In conclusion, I would only say something about the significance of this discovery.  The proposition that Psychology is Relativistic, if true, immediately elevates not only Psychology but even Theology to the status of hard axiomatic sciences. Beyond that; from Aristotle, Descartes and Newton down to the present day no one has ever questioned the significance of a scientific proof of God.  Such a result would de facto effect an ecumenical unification of World Religion.  Current events underscore the strain on civilization caused by the conflict of world religions.

One should mention the impact of this discovery on mental health.  In my opinion a sense of the existence of a “higher power” is the mainstay of sanity.  Young people, especially children are in strong possession of this since God = Guv » ¥ at birth [3], but with growth and the stress of life this sense can become eroded.  This is the symptomatic description of chronic mental disturbance.  Normal perception according to this theory, includes a sense that there is an unknowable and supreme power.  This provides not only optimism and hope but the physical perception of an unbounded future, even to the very old.  A proof of God will therefore eventually improve the world’s mental health.

Lastly, never before in history has Man known for sure that there is a God.  If a scientific proof has actually been found, we have every reason to expect an immanent and miraculous advance in Civilization.

There ya go. Proof. Or so George says. I’ve been wrong all these years.

The internet is wonderful.

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