traffic, oh my

It took us longer to find a parking spot at Best Buy this afternoon than it took us to go in and find the items we were looking for, stand in line to pay, and then leave.

And we noticed that people are certainly abiding by the no cellphone while driving law that went into effect in October. Not.

Other than a lot of rude drivers (all these self-important twits around here driving SUVs too big to handle or that idiot in the beamer with his ragtop down—that guy must have a really SMALL dick), shopping wasn’t too godawful this year. We did all of it (the stuff we don’t do online, anyway) in Norwalk and Westport, mostly Westport. In the stores themselves, clerks were mostly pleasant despite being tired except for the pushy jerks at Brookstone.

But we’re ready—got everything done, the dog is bathed and smelling like good soap and all fluffy—will pack, watch Jeopardy, then head for Natick this evening. We got good sandwiches from Wild Oats to eat on the road, made some good trail mix, coffee, we’re all set. Hope the trek won’t take too much longer than it usually does (about 2.5 hours), but traffic on the highways doesn’t look too bad—much heavier earlier today.

Wasted some time getting Ginger’s entry on Dogster up: (it was fun!)

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