Rowland: “I lied”

John Rowland, our governor, admitted that he lied. Oooh, big surprise. He asked for our forgiveness. Sorry, Johnny, I don't forgive you.

This guy, who admits he's a liar, wants us to believe him when he says, "But I want you all to know that I have never - not once - provided any favors or taken any actions in exchange for gifts I have been given."

So these cronies just give you big presents because they like you?

Johnny boy is trying to escape being thrown out on his ear by doing what people said Clinton should've done when he was caught schtupping Monica. But screwing around with an intern is a whole different category from screwing your constituents--where's that Enron money, hey guv? Is that what my $300 tax increase is paying for?

Even if the feds completely exonerate him of anything illegal, Rowland can't possibly focus on governing properly (like he ever did) while this is all going on. It could take a long, long time for the investigation to be over. It would be better for the citizens of Connecticut if he would resign and find a job where he can't damage us any further.

Johnny, do the honorable thing: Let Jodi take over. Go fix yourself and your family and leave us out of it.
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